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Bibliography 2000s

Bibliography of Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center: Allergy/Immunology

(Note: The notes below certain publications identify those that have had an impact to alter, in some manner, the practice of allergy/immunology over the course of time, or to provide some historical perspective.)


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(Note: This study looked at glycerin content of extracts and determined that glycerin did not induce large local reactions in immunotherapy.  Higher glycerin concentrations (even 50%) did not result in increase small or large local reaction rates. Increasing allergen concentrations, number and volume did result in higher small (but not large) local reaction rates.)


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 (Note: Two hundred fifty subjects who had at least one positive skin test to a 53 allergen panel underwent serum specific IgE (Immunocap) testing to a comparable 53 allergen panel.   The ST was more often positive for 69.8% of allergens and 64% of patients had more positive ST than CAP. Overall, the specificity and NPV (generally 80‐90%) of CAP were higher than the sensitivity and PPV. The overall agreement between tests was 80.6%, with 11.7% ST+CAP− results and 7.7% CAP+ST− results. In patients with a total IgE level ≥ 200 IU/L, the percentage of positive CAP results for 52/53 allergens was significantly higher with more CAP+ST− results. The performance characteristics of CAP compared to ST vary among 53 inhalant allergens. CAP should be considered complementary, not equivalent, to ST. Total IgE levels should be obtained with serum-specific IgE testing.)


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(Note:  Featured in the Literature Review Course at the ACAAI Nov 2009 Annual Meeting, Miami, FL.)


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(Note: Featured in “The Ten Best Articles in the Specialty of Allergy” at the ACAAI Nov 2009 Annual Meeting Literature Review Course, Miami, FL.)


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