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Bibliography 2010s

Bibliography of Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center: Allergy/Immunology

(Note: The notes below certain publications identify those that have had an impact to alter, in some manner, the practice of allergy/immunology over the course of time, or to provide some historical perspective.)

  1. Webber CM, Calabria CW. Assessing the safety of subcutaneous immunotherapy dose adjustments. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 2010;105:369-75.


(Note:   At the time, this was the most extensive evaluation of the safety of immunotherapy dose adjustments during both build-up and maintenance phases of SCIT for late doses, after refill vials and after a systemic reaction.  We found that our dosage adjustment at WHMC did not result in an increase in systemic reactions at the next injection after dosage adjustments for late doses, after refills, and after systemic reactions.)


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  2. La Shell MS, Calabria CW, Quinn JM. Imported fire ant field reaction and immunotherapy safety characteristics: the IFACS study.  J Allergy Clin Immunol 2010;125:1294-9.


(Note: Having a systemic reaction to a fire ant skin test or a large local reaction to IFA immunotherapy increased the risk for a systemic reaction to IFA immunotherapy.  All SR were mild.)


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(Note:  Featured in Jan-Feb 2010 ACAAI Allergy Watch.   This was the first study to examine whether local reactions predict local reactions at the next injection.  Spoiler alert, they do not!)

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(Note: This study evaluated whether recurrent large or small local reactions were associated with a systemic reaction at some point during the immunotherapy course.  We found that a subgroup of large local reaction patients (10/24 or 41.7%) experienced a higher frequency of systemic reactions at some point during their immunotherapy course.  The systemic reaction was not typically at the next injection after a large local, and on some occasions preceded the large local.)


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