San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium

Allergy Short-Course for Primary Care Providers 1965? to present

This course was originated in the mid- to late-60s in order to train primary care physicians, stationed at small medical facilities, to manage allergic patients and oversee allergy clinics in which immunotherapy injections were administered. The course was two weeks in duration and given 4 times yearly for many years. In the 1990s, the course had been reduced to one week in duration and given twice yearly. In the past several years the course has been given only once yearly. A text book (438 pages) had been published by the military for this course and was given to each attendee along with a certificate of attendance after completion of each course. Some attendees used the certificate as credentials to establish an allergy practice without any other formal training. Some individuals used this training experience to do formal training. Donald Fournier, who took the course as a resident in 1976, volunteered to undergo skin testing to demonstrate to the other attendees his level of reactivity. Intradermal testing was standard at that time point. Fournier promptly experienced a severe systemic reaction with hypotension, leading to a dramatic demonstration of management of anaphylaxis for the class. Other fellows who took this course prior to formal training include John Fling and Bill Parker.

Allergy Manual